3 Smart Business Moves That Can Take Advantage of the Power of AI

Are you curious about what all this fuss around AI is but find all the tech talk a bit overwhelming? If a robot comes to mind when we talk about artificial intelligence, fear not! It’s important to emphasize that we don’t need a robot; we need task execution. Here’s a plain-speaking guide on how artificial intelligence can help your business grow without getting lost in the tech maze. Technical details, algorithms, updates are for tech enthusiasts and experts; we need AI to grow your business, generate revenue, help us deliver our best to our customers.

AI, in simple terms, is like having a super-smart assistant who never sleeps, eats, or takes a vacation. Pretty cool, right? Today, with the digital world, AI will help us promote our services online almost automatically.

1. Understanding Your Customers Like Never Before

Imagine if you knew exactly what your customers liked without having to play a guessing game. AI can analyze what they buy, when they visit, and even predict what they would like to purchase next. It’s like having a crystal ball, but without the mystical part – it’s all smart technology working for you. 

This is possible because every day, users leave digital traces through the use of the internet and the browsers and apps they use. Through analytical and descriptive AI tools, these legally collected data serve as inputs to make predictions, identify patterns, and create consumer behavior profiles without having to hit the streets and interview people.

What Does This Mean For You?

You can stock your shelves with products that fly off faster and tailor your services to what your customers really want. And the best part? You’ll waste less time on things that don’t sell. It’s a powerful productivity tool. Imagine saving energy, effort, and money to make more assertive and profitable decisions. With A.I, this is possible.

2. Being Open For Business 24/7

Now, let’s explore another way AI can transform your business. No one likes to turn away customers because it’s closing time, right? With AI, your business can have an online presence that works round-the-clock. Chatbots, which are AI-powered virtual assistants, can answer questions, take orders, and even handle simple tasks when you’re off the clock.

How’s This Good For Business?

Imagine making sales while you’re catching Z’s. A chatbot can help customers without you lifting a finger, meaning better service and more happy faces.

3. Build your website with Inita’s AI to grow your business

Despite chatbots being an efficient tool, if you still don’t want to worry about their setup, do the basics well. Have a website.

Simplify. Have you noticed that not all big companies use chatbots, but they all have a website? It’s your address on the internet. How about letting your customer feel comfortable getting to know your service or product, learning about you, and scheduling a more convenient time to negotiate, ask questions, or even hire you? This is possible thanks to websites. So let AI tools create your website in a few seconds. This way, you’ll have more time to sell.

AI tools, like Inita, build your website. After that, ready to the next level ? Create social media posts automatically, allow online payments and scheduling and optimize your online ads to show up where your customers hang out online, all included in Inita’s features. 

So, How Does This Help?

It’s like putting up the most attractive billboard in the busiest part of town but for the digital world. This means more people clicking, looking, and buying what you’re offering.

Now, isn’t that something straight out of a business dream?

Inita is here to make these dreams a reality for you. AI can seem a bit tech-heavy, but once you see how much it can boost your local business, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Embrace these smart business moves and watch your local shop gain big-league status.

And hey, if these words ‘AI’ and ‘chatbot’ still sound like a different language to you, just remember: they’re just tools in your toolbox to build a better business.

Keep it simple, keep it smart. That’s the power of AI for small businesses. Ready to give it a shot? Create your Inita free account now!

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