5 Tips to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

If you’re running a local or a small business and you’re looking to connect with more people on social media to get more customers, you are in the right way! 

This digital playground can be a goldmine for engaging with your customers and growing your business. I know it can seem a little intimidating, but don’t worry: We’ve got 5 easy tips that’ll help you chat and build customer loyalty with your online audience.

But first, it’s important that we begin by understanding what engagement is. 

It refers to the actions that social media users take with posts. That is fundamental to increase the reach of your publication to more people. The more people get to know your services and brand, the more you build authority in your area of expertise and allow customers to know the quality and benefits of your services even before contacting you.

If they already engage with your profile—commenting, liking, or sharing your content—your chances of sales success become incredibly higher. Content will be the playing field for this relationship to happen. But in case you still aren’t producing content as much as you should, begin in the simplest manner: use Posts Creator to automatically generate tailored content for your social media profile. Anyway, let’s take a look at those easy tips to get more engagement on Social Media:

Let ‘s get to it!

1. Chat Like a Friend

Yes, your business is professional, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to sound like a robot. When you’re on social media, chat like you would with a friend. Ask questions, share interesting facts about your job and communicate using an approachable language that aligns with your audience’s profile. Use a welcoming language, always demonstrating readiness to clarify any doubts or provide valuable tips for those you’re conversing with. In comments or direct messages, try to understand the context of the person’s problem before offering your services. Don’t sell before the right time; focus on welcoming, understanding, and only then selling. People love to know there’s a person who is genuinely willing to help.

2. Celebrate Your Customers

Spotlight your customers! Did someone share a great review of your service? Share that on your social media with a thank-you note! It’s like giving them a virtual high five, showing that you’re grateful for their trust in hiring you, and it also shows potential customers that real customers love your stuff.

3. Behind the Scenes

People are curious creatures – we love to peek behind the curtain. Share some behind-the-scenes looks at your business. It could be useful and easily applicable tips related to your field, the way you handle specific procedures or how meticulous you are with the quality of your service. Short videos of a day in the life attract people’s attention. 

In this way, you capture their attention with interesting content. Think about the content you want to share, but especially what interests your audience. The most important thing on social media is the people who consume it. If you pay attention and provide good content to your followers, the interest in hiring you will naturally follow. It’s all about making your business feel approachable and relatable. But your customer is at the center of your commitment.

4. Everyone Loves a Good Story

Human beings are natural storytellers!

Our whole culture, history and relationships are based on telling stories. And you need to tell stories in your social media profiles.

Got a cool tale about how you started? Maybe a challenge you overcame? Tell that story! Not only does it make for engaging content, but it also humanizes your brand and can inspire your audience. Stories touch people’s emotions, generate empathy, and build trust in your professionalism and personal values.

5. Encourage Action with a Gentle Call-to-Action

Sometimes, individuals scroll through social media on autopilot, without paying attention to what is passing through their eyes. A little nudge can help. Ending your posts with a simple call-to-action can go a long way. Be proactive and stimulate interaction and engagement. Notice that every good communication has a next step; make that clear. For example: after a content about “Tips to make your sofa last longer after a complete cleaning service”, created by Inita’s Post Creator, say:

“Share this content with someone who should know about it” or “Visit our website through the link in the bio to learn more details about our professional cleaning services.” You’ll be surprised how a small nudge can encourage engagement or generate more quote requests.


There you have it, five straightforward tips to make your social media platforms more engaging. Remember, it’s all about being yourself, connecting with your customers, and showing the human side of your business. Now, it’s time to jump into action! 

Not feeling really creative right now? We can give a nudge: How about starting to create your posts the easiest way? Use Inita’s post creator feature and gain engaged and loyal customers for your services.

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