AI Power for Managed Service Providers

Leverage AI to
Attract New Clients

Meet Inita, your all-in-one AI-driven marketing solution. Our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With no additional skills required, Inita manages everything for you, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Save with one
AI-driven service

Step 1

Tell Us About Your Business

Answer a few questions about your business and connect your website. Our AI will analyze the information to understand your needs better.

Step 2

Define Your Advertising Goals

Describe your target audience and set your budget. Our platform will use this information to create a tailored marketing strategy.

Step 3

Launch Your Advertising Campaign

Our AI will take over from here. It will generate text, keywords, interests, set up everything, and launch your campaign.

Upcoming Features

Social Post Generator

Create engaging content for your social media accounts in one click.

Just launched

Business Assistant

Stay ahead of market trends and adjust your strategies to attract even more customers.

Just launched

Automated response on Google Reviews

Our AI will collect reviews from your customers and respond to them for you.

Coming soon

Local Clients Scanner

Inita will find potential clients in your area and promote your business to them automatically.

Coming soon


What is is an AI-driven marketing platform designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We help MSPs promote their businesses on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

How does work? uses artificial intelligence to manage your marketing campaigns. You provide information about your business and set your advertising goals, and our AI takes care of the rest.

What are the benefits of using helps you save time and money by automating your marketing efforts. Our AI tools generate text, keywords, and interests, set up everything, and launch your campaigns.

What upcoming features does have?

We're constantly working to improve our platform. Some of our upcoming features include a Social Post Generator, a Business Assistant, an Automated Response system for Google Reviews, and a Local Clients Scanner.

How can I get started with

Getting started with is easy. Simply sign up, tell us about your business, define your advertising goals, and let our AI do the rest.