5 Best Easy-to-Use Tools to Create a Website in 2024

Are you ready to give your business a prime spot on the vast internet stage? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 easy website tools that will help you effortlessly create a website without the headaches. Some provide a perfect solution to sell services, others are better to advertise products as catalogs. 

Let’s dive into this quick overview of available tools to start your 2024 selling your services on the internet!


Inita offers a hassle-free, all-in-one solution, revolutionizing the way businesses establish their online presence.

Tailored to digital and local businesses that desire to explore digital channels to attract customers. Your website will be up and running in minutes with just a few clicks.Think of it as having an always-open online storefront, welcoming customers 24/7. Inita makes this possible and simple. 

Apart from the easy and quick website creation capability, Inita offers integrated features for appointment scheduling, a business assistant to help you with questions and guide you with marketing strategies, for instance. It also automatically generates content for social media platforms.


Wix is the go-to website builder for those not into coding. It is one of the most popular web design platforms for those who like creative projects. 

With hundreds of templates and design resources, you’re gonna spend hours having fun and letting your creative takes fly. Effortlessly make your website look cool, but keep in mind that moving your site away from Wix can be a bit tricky.


WordPress is a versatile tool for building blogs, services pages, even e-commerce with numerous add-ons and a helpful community. Most big companies harness the full power of WordPress to develop blogs and e-commerce pages. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to this tool. Those who master programming languages like HTML and CSS have the ability to create almost anything within this platform. For beginners, it could be a little bit challenging, but totally possible following some tutorials and you’ll need a separate hosting service.


Weebly is a straightforward drag-and-drop website builder with a focus on e-commerce. You can select a distinctive design for your online store using a customizable theme to showcase your products. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool assists in swiftly launching your online store. 

In addition, some features like creation of coupons and Gift Cards, inventory, and shipping tools are available.


Shopify is a renowned tool for selling things online. It’s super easy to set up and has secure payment options, making it ideal for starting an online store. Keep in mind that it’s primarily designed for selling products, not services. All the layout features are optimized to facilitate stock control, (ERP) enterprise resource planning, integration and API systems. 


As you can see, creating a website for your business doesn’t have to be a mountain bike. With Inita, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and Shopify, it’s more like a walk in the park.

Remember, having an online presence can be the difference between thriving and just surviving. Don’t miss out on potential customers clicking around the web right now. 

Pick a tool and start building your online home today!Not sure where to start or which one to choose? Inita is an excellent option for those wanting to begin on the right foot without acquiring a domain, server, or hiring someone to build your website. Give it a try. Create your website here.

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