5 Tips on How to Create a Converting Website for Home Services Providers

Ready to make the internet work for your home service business? It’s easier than you think, and you’ll be snagging new clients in no time with these 5 simple tips to create a converting website that really brings customers.

First, you need a website. Do you have one ? If you don’t, there are many tools to build one, and the costs vary. 

Let me make it simple: Sign up for Inita. It’s free to create your website and takes no more than 3 minutes.

Right after that, check out the following 5 best tips to get ready to apply those tips to create a converting website and get the result of these strategies. Let’s dive in!

Make a Good First Impression

Imagine your website is like your business’s front porch. You want it to be tidy, welcoming, and clear about what you offer. Start with a good and representative cover photo. That one gonna be the first thing users see when they land on your website. That image should represent your services in the blink of an eye.

Imagine you are looking for plumbing service to fix a bathroom sink on the internet. When you’re surfing on pages you probably expect to see on a website something related to that context, like a plunger, pipe or a person holding a pliers, for example, not a mountain landscape.

Be simple and accurate, choose a thoughtful photo. Communicate something that summarizes the solution immediately. That runs to the users that they are on the right path, close to their solution.

Let clear and obvious your sales value proposition

Sometimes, when we are creating a slogan or a headline to express our services, we end up talking a lot and not making the offer clear. Slogan and headline are keywords to convince, in a few seconds of reading, the visitor to ask for your services.

Use short and clear headlines to communicate what people’s problems you solve and what benefit they will have.

If you are a company specialized in upholstery, carpet cleaning, make sure your core business is explicit on the headline. We could stand as the headline: “Upholstery, carpet, and curtain cleaning service. Schedule a visit today. Get a quote now”.

Have you noticed? In only 3 short and quick sentences we know what problem you solve, the benefit of getting in touch with you today and a clear call to action.

Make easy to get in touch with you

Nobody likes to dig around for contact information. Put your phone number or Whatsapp, form or email easy to be found. Big buttons that say “Book now” or “Send request” show you are proactive, available and ready to help. That’s what people need, someone ready to assist. 

In some tools to create a website, like Inita, those information are filled quickly and arranged in an ideal size ratio to be easy for customers to contact for your services.

Introduce yourself to your future clients

One of the big secrets to sales is trust. People need to know who they are dealing with. If they have just found you on a search on Google or have first touch with your profile on Facebook, it is important you show them who you are, a little about your expertise and why they should trust you. Craft your description carefully.

This will be your business card to warmly welcome those who visit your website but haven’t had the chance to meet you in person or experience your services. Highlight details such as your expertise, years of experience in the field, work approach, and the benefits that your clients enjoy when choosing your services.

Fill those welcome presentations in the “about” field. These details are valuable as they align expectations and showcase authority in the field. After all, everyone seeks a reliable professional to take care of their homes and solve problems.

Prove You’re the Real Deal with Testimonials

Okay, now that you’ve introduced yourself, you’ve taken another step towards building trust. However, some people need more assurance before inviting anyone over. They want to know you’re trustworthy, right? That’s where testimonials come in.

Ask some of your happy clients if they can share a few kind words about your work. It’s like getting a thumbs-up from their neighbor and instills confidence in your services. You can include screenshots from WhatsApp containing those kind comments about the quality of your work, how satisfied your clients are, and why they recommend your services.

Alternatively, you can write compliments, in parentheses, that you’ve received from your clients. If they allow you to mention their names, even better—it’s another point that reinforces that these social proofs are real.

Wrapping up, a converting website for your home services doesn’t need to be a head-scratcher. With a couple of clicks and some simple tweaks, you can make your digital space a customer-magnet. And hey, if this seems like a lot. Remember that’s exactly what Inita is here for – your friendly neighborhood digital helper, making this internet thing a whole lot simpler.

Whether you’re answering questions, scheduling visits, or providing quotes, your awesome services deserve an outstanding website. Apply these tips to your site; they can be easily implemented using Inita’s website creation resources.

Inita are ready to help turn your website into a customer-converting powerhouse! Good luck, and go make your digital mark!

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