Chat-GPT 3.5 vs Chat-GPT 4.0: What is more worthwhile for my business?

Let’s start with the basics. Chat-GPT, an AI tool from OpenAI, is a tech assistant ready to spring into action for anything text-related – from crafting product descriptions to providing intelligent advice, answering questions, and aiding in decision-making processes.

Versions 3.5 (free) to 4.0 (paid) power smarter conversations and sharper content. Whether the paid version is ideal for you or if the free version suffices, you’ll soon find out. Here are some differences between the two versions offered by OpenAI, free and paid, and the integration possibilities that can be achieved with the paid version.

Image Creation

Chat-GPT 4.0 takes the lead with the ability to create images with DALL·E. It’s similar to Bing Image Creator but has the advantage of being integrated into ChatGPT, meaning you don’t need to navigate through other pages or open multiple tabs in your browser; everything is centralized in the ChatBot.

Imagine a personal designer that’s never tired and instantly understands your vision, understands your vocabulary, and creates various image versions in seconds, besides being able to create other versions following your guidance. Chat-GPT 3.5 does not have this integration but can be guided to create prompts to generate input for creating images with other tools.

The integration speeds up the process, centralizes it, and makes you more productive. For applying images in small businesses without much complication, Inita, another AI-powered tool developed for the needs of this audience, works very well for generating your company’s logo, generating and inserting images, auto-generated based on your content and business context, directly onto the website created by the Inita’s solution.

AI Conversational Assistant

An AI business assistant is a feature that will be present in both versions of OpenAI, meaning the conversational chatbot will serve as your right-hand advisor. The artificial intelligence captures the essence of the information provided by you and generates text responses in conversational language, meaning it doesn’t sound like dictionary responses but rather like a human response, as if you were receiving a text message from a real person.

This gives you more fluidity to continue the conversation if you still need more precise information, examples, or even recommendations from the chatbot. In the case of Chat-GPT 4.0, it has the advantage of adding databases, content in different formats to enrich even more the information you request from the tool, but even so, for initial use, ChatGPT 3.5 will provide relevant information, as long as you direct the prompts well contextualized to your needs and business. In this way, both versions will assist you.

Custom ChatGPT

Customization is another strong point of Chat-GPT 4.0. It’s possible to create your own AI assistants, each with its function, following instructions personalized by you, meaning it becomes an expert.

This saves time, as you don’t need to repeat the same instructions for repetitive tasks. For example: if you frequently consume articles or other foreign materials and always need to translate them into your language in a summarized, didactic manner enriched by other examples on the topic, why not have a “translator assistant”.

It will be programmed to do this job without needing to instruct it every time you consume this new content. Just start the conversation with the chatbot with the text to be translated, and your assistant will do the translation job with all the details you directed in the initial settings of your custom ChatGPT creation. This is the beauty of productivity; you delegate repetitive tasks to focus on the desired outcome.

Custom ChatGPT by Inita

While the free version only provides text information, the paid version, GPT-4, goes beyond generating texts and images separately. Thanks to customizations of the virtual assistant and integration with Inita, it’s possible to create a complete website directly in ChatGPT 4.0. Inita simplifies the process, empowering you to build a website that’s both responsive and interactive, with no design or development skills needed.

If you already have the paid version of ChatGPT, this is definitely a feature you should test. Moreover, the website powered by Inita will be yours, without having to pay for hosting or domain. Create your website with Inita directly from ChatGPT 4.0


Using Chat-GPT 3.5 against 4.0 isn’t just about following the latest trend; it’s about assessing the needs and future vision of your business. ChatGPT will be your AI partner, providing ideas, suggestions, and answering questions. It’s important that despite powerful functionalities, it’s up to you to explore the potential of prompts. The tool will deliver in proportion to what it’s instructed. Don’t be afraid to always test new things. Prompt and see the output, evaluate, provide more context, ask for what you want; it’s a controlled testing environment for your imagination. 

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